Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly: Legal Action and Leaks

Sunday has come and gone and with it, the Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones interview has finally aired.

The sit down has caused lawsuits, threats and all kinds of issues for everyone involved and last night America was able to see what the catalyst was.

The 17-minute long interview features Kelly speaking to the "InfoWars" host about his controversial views and conspiracy theories.

She grilled him on his comments about his reaction to last months Manchester bombing, his "Pizzagate" conspiracy about Clinton staffers as well as his other off-color comments.

Among his other comments, Jones has in the past made comments that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened.

The families of Sandy Hook victims have threatened to sue NBC if they air the Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones interview.

The LA Times was able to get the legal letter sent to NBC News executives saying the network is inflicting harm on them by inflicting harm on them.

NBC has yet to comment on the potential suit or the letter. 

Meanwhile, Jones is paying off on his own threats.

Jones has said he is being misrepresented by the media and wants to set the record straight on the upcoming interview.

He released audio of what he says is a private pre-interview conversation between him and the NBC host.

Jones called out the mainstream media, saying his words on the Sandy Hook shooting and that the promo clips for her show were heavily edited.

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