Jennifer Jones Lee - Wake Up Call Host & Anchor for Bill Handel

Jennifer Jones Lee was THRILLED to join the KFI News Team, but is celebrating her 28th year in radio this year. Jennifer's radio life has basically spanned the Golden State. She started at a small station in Redding, then moved to Chico, Sacramento and then San Francisco where she spent 16 years.

And while she grew up outside Redding, Jennifer was born in San Bernardino, so in many ways she feels like her life has come full circle now that she's back in SoCal.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has received numerous awards for reporting and anchoring from both the Associated Press and the RTNDA. She also received the National Edward R. Murrow for sports reporting.

Jennifer loves a challenge, and has taken on many of them. She was sent across the country on a Greyhound bus to cover the Sept.11th terrorist attacks in New York City. Her next major assignment sent her to Los Angeles for 2 months where she covered everyday of the San Francisco Dog Mauling Case. Lee then spent a week on a bus traveling the state with Governor Schwarzenegger during his recall campaign. Shortly after that, Jennifer was the lead reporter on the Scott Peterson murder trial where her reports were broadcast around the country. She's covered political conventions both locally and nationally, and

One of the most bizarre assignments of her career, was entering the media Bull Riding contest at the Grand National Rodeo. That's where a bull named "Dental Appointment" let her know he didn't appreciate her trying to ride him, and sent Lee to the hospital with a broken arm :)

Jennifer married Army Cpt. Scott Lee on November 21, 2009 in St. Helena, CA. The two were pen-pals during Scott's first tour in Iraq in 2004, decided to meet when he got back to the States, and as "they" say, the rest is history. The Lee's are pet parents to dogs Scarlett, Sophia and Daisy, cat Shelby, and fish Bo and Luke.

As for hobbies, during the week, Jennifer LOVES to cook and try out new recipes. On the weekends, Lee frequently takes in concerts and sporting events, and during the summer months, she enjoys hitting local arts and craft fairs and farmer's markets.

Host of Wake Up Call and anchor for the Bill Handel Show! 

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