'Goopies:' People who actually believe Gwyneth Paltrow's nonsense

Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle company that's so absurd it seems like a parody or a joke, but it's very real. Goop sells bizarre smoothies to excite your brain, jade eggs to insert into ladies' nether regions, and all kinds of crazy nonsense to enlighten you. 

The crap Goop sells is expensive, and people actually buy the stuff and buy into the Goop lifestyle. They drink the Goop Kool-Aid, they drink the Goop!

Paltrow recently admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she has no idea what her website peddles:

So who are the people who treat Goop as gospel? It's the Goopies! Check out this great piece from the New York Times called, "Meet the Goopies:"

"At 8:30 a.m. last Saturday, about 50 of these true believers were sitting on round white tuffets in a darkened studio here, submitting to a so-called sound bath administered by Sara Auster, a meditation teacher and one of the many health advisers that orbit Ms. Paltrow like so many planets around a sun.

Hundreds more were lining up on Warner Drive outside, awaiting clearance from Goop’s version of Oompa Loompas, identifiable by white T-shirts printed with the logo and name of the gathering — “In Goop Health” — and black trousers. The low hum of their excited chatter mixed with the sound of tuning forks hitting metallic “singing” bowls — bong, bong — and the unrelenting click of camera shutters capturing the day for Instagram feeds..."

If you're eyes haven't totally rolled into the back of your head already, you should click here to read the whole piece.

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