California budget takes aim at immigration detention growth

California's budget is taking aim at the Trump administration's plans to boost deportation by preventing local governments from signing contracts with federal authorities. 

The $125 billion budget which is set to be approved on Thursday by the legislature, contains a measure that would require the state attorney general to review conditions at immigration detention facilities in California and would not allow local governments from setting up immigration detention facilities or expanding any existing contracts.

At least nine immigration detention facilities exist in California, most of which have contracts with local government agencies. 

"I think we send a very clear message in this budget that California is going in the opposite direction of Trump's administration," said Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Democrat from Bell Gardens.

The budget, which came together under Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders is one of the latest in a series of moves by California lawmakers to protect immigrants who are living in the country illegally from a promised ramp up in immigration enforcement by President Trump.

Lawmakers are considering other proposals that would provide lawyers to immigrants in deportation proceedings and limit communications between police and federal immigration authorities. 

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