Saving Troubled Youth: The Teen Project

Lauri Burns is the founder of The Teen Project, an organization meant to provide teenagers aging out of the foster care system with resources to help the transition into adulthood...a cause that hits very close to home.

Lauri was once in the system and aged out of it at 18 into a life of drug addiction, prostitution and homelessness. 

When she was 23, she realized she needed to make a change and improve her life. 

She enrolled in trade school and realized she had a talent for math and ended up in a great career as a computer program manager at the defense manufacturer Northrop Grumman.

As she thrived, she decided to help other at-risk girls from falling through the cracks of the foster system. 

In 2007, she founded the Teen Project, a non-profit organization that provides counseling, life-skills education and a safe and loving environment. 

In 10 years she has built homes to house women aged 18-24, various resources to provide jobs and a Freehab program built to provide free drug treatments. 

Check out all their work on their website and follow them on their social media on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to Bill's interview with Teen Project founder, Lauri Burns 

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