Lawsuit claims natural gas blowout near Porter Ranch was bound to happen

A SoCal Gas shareholder has sued the board of directors and company execs over the 2015 blowout at the company's facility near Porter Ranch. 

The lawsuit claims company execs knew that the facility was a risk and that the company did little to fix the underground storage wells. 

The blowout was the largest natural gas leak in US history. 

"The underground storage wells have been in severe disrepair for many, many years, and the board of the directors of the company has known that," according to lawyer Frank Bottini who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the shareholder. 

The lawsuit claims company execs created a 'culture of lawlessness.' 

"From our perspective, it was very foreseeable that there was gonna be a significant leak at one of these storage wells," Bottini said. 

The lawsuit seeks to nominate at least two people to the company's board of directors. 

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