Aron Bender - Anchor for Tim Conway Jr. Show

Aron Bender anchors for Tim Conway Jr. every night starting 6pm to 11pm.

California native, Aron Bender, fell in love with the idea of a future in broadcast radio the moment he realized that his history and business college courses were only good as a sleep-aid. A part of the iHeartMedia family for several years now, Aron previously co-hosted KFI’s “Wake Up Call” along with Jennifer Jones Lee. Today, he serves as the News Anchor on the Tim Conway Jr. Show, and his news reports are featured throughout the day on the station, as well as on multiple iHeartMedia sister stations.

Throughout his career, Aron has received numerous industry awards and accolades including winning two Golden Mike awards from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California! Fans enjoy his genuine, authentic, and energetic personality, and love his knack for making the news entertaining and stimulating.

Outside of radio, Aron works as a Professor at Cal State University Northridge, teaching broadcast journalism and news writing. He’s also the interim News Director at the school’s radio station, KCSN.

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Follow Aron online! Twitter: @AronBender

Instagram: @AronBender

Listen to Aron Bender's podcast, The News Bender, below!



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