Megyn Kelly is Out-Matched in her Interview with Vladimir Putin

In the premiere episode of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", the former Fox star had paid off on her long teased interview with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The hour long news show had promised to be "a tough conversation" between the two, but it seems for Putin it was a simple game.

The Russian leader was elusive during each question and answered most of Kelly's questions with non-answers.

When he did answer her, it was mostly denials of interference and how little he seemed to actually deal with the United States and its politicians.

This was one of the most high-profile interviews Kelly had done since speaking with then presidential candidate Donald Trump in May 2016. 

Kelly came at Putin in a more forceful manner than she had with Trump, but critics say it was a poorly planned match up as the Russian is notoriously hard to interview. 

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