Success From Her Complexion

Kheris Rogers is just 10-years-old, but she's learned a lot about herself in just a few years.

Like how to take intense bullying and turn it into a movement AND a viable business!

When she was just six, she started to get bullied by other kids because of her dark complexion.

The bullying was so intense that she had to move schools.  

But the bullying didn't stop.  

She started to think she was 'ugly,' she wanted to be a different color.  Her self esteem was so affected that her sister started worrying about her.

This continued for several years, but then, this year, when Kheris turned 10, her older sister Taylor had an idea to help her embrace her unique beauty and raise her self-esteem.

She tweeted out a photo (pictured below) of Kheris with the caption,"My sister is only 10, but already royalty. #FlexinInHerComplexion" 

They were both stunned at the response. The original tweet got 32,000 re-tweets and more than 85,000 likes.

It gave Kheris a new found confidence and she embraced the hashtag with one small adjustment.

She created a movement #FlexinInMyComplexion and a business!   

Now, Kheris has a t-shirt line featuring the famous hashtag.  She started a website, and Twitter and Instagram accounts @KherisPoppin

Listen to Bill's segment about Kheris!

And now, Kheris has everyone #FlexinInMyComplexion! 

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