Little Girl Wows On America's Got Talent

There's just so much negative news in the world today that you need something where you can just chill out, relax and make your heart feel good, even if you might have to grab a tissue because of it to wipe up happy tears.

Last night was the season premiere of America's Got Talent, one of those fun shows to watch like Little Big Shots that just makes you go 'how adorable!' 'OMG how stupid!' or "OMG, how did they DO that!"

Turns out America's Got a LOT of Talent!

Well, last night we were introduced to Darci Lynne Farmer, a 12-year-old girl who performed a ventriloquist act with her puppet, Petunia.

Darci is from Oklahoma and said she turned to ventriloquism to overcome her shyness.

When it was time for her to preform, she and Petunia belted out George Gershwin's 'Summertime' from "Porgy and Bess' in an act that stunned the judges, got her a standing ovation AND the 'golden buzzer', a free pass into the finals from judge Mel B.

Watch and grab a tissue, 'cuz it gets dusty in here real fast! 

Here's a longer version of her story about why she took up ventriloquism.

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