Florida man pulls plug on bounce house full of kids

Deborah Romero was throwing a birthday party for her daughter, and had a pink princess bounce house set up in the backyard for the dozen 2- and 3-year-olds attending the fun.

Video shows the bounce house collapsing in on itself and parents rushing to pull the kids out. Two kids had to be taken to the hospital and one was checked for injuries because he was trapped under the hot plastic.

Romero said:

"We couldn’t really reach for all the kids, and we unfortunately had to pull one of the kids by his leg. We were very nervous about the kids because it was extremely hot, and they were trapped inside the bounce house."

A relative found the cord unplugged, so that's when they decided to check their security cameras.

The video shows a balding man in a red shirt walking onto the property and unplugging the cord before walking back across the street.

Officers swept the neighborhood but couldn't find the man. It's not clear what he could be charged with for pulling the plug, but police could at least nail him for trespassing. 

What's wrong with this guy?!

Read more at NY Daily News.

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