The Shove Heard 'Round The World

Everyone is losing their ever loving mind over this video of President Trump 'shoving' Dusko Markovic, the leader of Montenegro, out of the way to put himself front and center during a photo op.

Here's the video, decide for yourself.

Is it a shove?

A push?

A brush?

Or a friendly 'how ya doin'' man slap on the arm? 

For the record, Markovic has already said that it was "an inoffensive situation," and that he does not "see it in any other way."

Handel says Trump mannerisms (specifically, the way he stands and presents himself) are less Emily Post and more Benito Mussolini-esque....judge for yourself.

Whatever you think, we love having you as part of The Bill Handel Show. Thank you for listening!

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