Woman jumps onto hood of car as it's being stolen

This Wisconsin woman says she was not thinking of her safety when she jumped onto the hood of her car when someone was trying to steal it. 

As she was filling up her tank a car pulled up next to her and she saw someone in the driver's seat. One man grabbed her purse while another started driving off with her car. She chose to go after her car and she jumped onto the hood of the car. 

She said the man driving kept laughing at her and that fueled her anger towards him. He eventually gave up when she didn't. He jumped out of the car while it was still moving, leaving her to chase after the car before it rolled into traffic. 

She broke down in tears when she finally regained control of her car. 

She told reporters after that it probably was not the safest choice to make but in the moment she could only think about her car. 

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