Game of Thrones ups the ante with a new trailer for season seven

Game of Thrones will return for its seventh season on July 16th, which means the internet hype machine for everyone's favorite HBO fantasy series has been unleashed. 

Viewers are getting their first look at what's going on in next season's Game of Thrones and while it doesn't look like winter has reached our heroes just yet, the Seven Kingdoms are about to be plunged into all-out war.

Cersei and Jamie are surrounded by enemies and vow to fight their way out, while Daenerys' dragons have come out to play in what looks like an epic season from the Game of Thrones team. 

Game of Thrones showrunners told Entertainment Weekly that they're ramping up the pace of the action for the seventh season, saying viewers can expect a faster pace for the characters fighting for their lives. 

(No word on whether any wedding invitations have been sent out). 

The new trailer comes following news from Variety that HBO has closed deals with four writers to explore multiple spinoffs of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series that has been the basis for HBO's most-watched series of all time. 

If you're new to the kingdom of Westeros and need to get caught up on what went on in the first five seasons in Westeros - why not let the dulcet tones of Samuel L. Jackson review everything that's happened to the Lannisters, Daenarys, Jon Snow and the rest of our favorite characters. 

(Since Samuel L. Jackson is involved - you probably already know this, but the recap video is definitely Not Safe for Work). 

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