Video Of Woman Removing Tick With Peppermint Oil Is Incredibly Dangerous

Move over pimple squeezers, a new form of viral video is hitting the interwebs and some say the new trend is dangerous. The viral video of a woman pouring peppermint oil onto a tick bite is prompting doctors to warn against this home remedy. 

The clip which has been viewed on YouTube more than 400,000 times, shows the woman coating the tick with peppermint oil, and within a matter of seconds, the tick has forced its way out. 

However, doctors say you shouldn't mess with a tick like that since many of them carry diseases that can enter your bloodstream. 

WebMD says while everyone and their brother has their own home remedy for removing ticks, it's the simple solutions that are the best for you. They advise you to grab your pointy tweezers and rubbing alcohol instead of the peppermint oil (for more information on removing ticks, head to WebMD. They know way more about this stuff than we do). 

Barring that, maybe avoid going outside? You'll never get a tick bite if you never go outside! 

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