Shark sightings in San Clemente prompt beach closures

Sorry surfers and swimmers, San Clemente's beaches will be off limits today after more than two dozen sharks were spotted. 

After an eight to nine-foot shark was spotted off the San Clemente pier around 10:30am on Sunday, lifeguards made the decision to close the city beaches. Witnesses spotted a second shark off the pier around 1pm on the same day. 

Orange County sheriff's helicopter spotted another two dozen sharks coming within 25 yards of the beach which extended the closure until 4pm. The sharks were making their way between Cotton's Point and Capistrano Beach, with some sharks measuring up to 10-feet long. 

Officials say beaches will remain off-limits to swimmers and surfers until 8 am on Monday morning. 

The closures follow an incident in which a shark bit a woman in the thigh, causing a grievous injury and again later that month when 15 sharks were spotted swimming offshore. 

Juvenile white sharks - some as long as six feet, have been spotted along the Belmont Shore in the Long Beach area, which has been issuing shark advisories to swimmers, warning them of the dangers. 

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