Coyote Safety For Your Dog

It's enough to worry in Southern California other loose dogs attacking your dog when you're out on a walk, but now we also have an increased worry about mountain lions and coyotes who are wandering local neighborhoods looking for food.

(Even hawks!  I used to worry about Princess getting swooped up by a hawk or owl and that was bad enough.)

Coyotes especially have been a big problem for small pet owners like me who have a little tiny dogs like 5 lb, Princess Grace Kelly.  (Follow Princess on Facebook and Instagram @pgkthechi)

They are clever, cunning, creatures with an amazing ability to adapt and figure things out, so much so that even if you have a well enclosed backyard, it may not be enough to protect them. 

Coyotes are jumping fences (some as high as 8 feet tall!), grabbing and killing unattended pets in backyards and even getting so bold that they're snatching dogs RIGHT OF THEIR LEASHES while owners are walking them!  It's scary!

I have seen coyotes running around near my neighborhood when I drive to work in the morning, and it worries me every day.

My only saving grace right now is that we live in a townhouse so our patio is 12 feet off the ground, there's no way a coyote can get to her if she's out there sunning herself for the five minutes a day she does that, but I do worry about it when I take her out to the bathroom or walk her or our other dogs, so I carry pepper spray and a stun gun whenever I take her out on her leash just in case.  

Dog owners are doing whatever they can to keep coyotes out of their backyards, by upgrading their fences, making them higher, putting spikes or 'coyote rollers', a round metal spinning bar on the top of the fence that keeps coyotes from jumping over

The problem is, if you live anywhere with an HOA you might have problem doing those things because your HOA might not allow it.

Because of that, some have considered another option, a clever thing called the CoyoteVest.

Paul and Pam Mott and Nicole Mellom created this company in 2015. They're based in San Diego.

Their mission is simple and is based in their own heartache. 

"Our goal is to help prevent others from experiencing the heartbreak we suffered when our beloved Buffy was killed by a coyote."

The vest is simple...and it makes your dog sort of look like a porcupine, it's got spikes and the vest itself is laminated to help prevent bite wounds not only from coyotes but from other dogs that might attack your pet!

Here's the description from their website: 

"CoyoteVest body armor (patent pending) is designed to protect small animals if they are attacked or bitten by a larger dog or coyote. The sides of the vest are double laminated to prevent even the sharpest canine teeth from puncturing the vest in the primary bite zone."

It's clear that they are filling a need and helping to prevent a lot of heartache and that's awesome! 

I think I'm going to by vests for my little ones!  Check out their website HERE. 

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