Will crooked Kevin De León run for Governor?

Nobody's better at twisting words better than Kevin De León. The "California Values Act?" That's SB 54, the bill to turn California into a Sanctuary State.

De León believes progress is turning a blind eye to federal law and protecting criminals. He thinks it's okay for illegals to steal identities and social security numbers. He even bragged about how his family did that!

God help us if he ever becomes Governor.

State Senate President Pro Tem De León is termed out next year, and already rumors are swirling about what's next for him.

This week he released a slick-looking video called "Proud," which declares California to be the leader of the anti-Trump movement. 

The video totally glosses over all of the problems California has, and puts the blame on Trump:

"America is greater than any one man or party. We will not be dragged back into the past. We will lead the resistance to any effort that will shred our social fabric or our Constitution. California was not part of this nation’s history when it began, but we are clearly now the keeper of its future.”

How obnoxious is that?

This weekend De León, all of the announced gubernatorial candidates, and other top elected officials are set to address thousands of delegates, donors, and influential activists.

De León hasn't flat out said yet if he's running for Governor or not. But if he does run, that'll put him against loser Tony Villar.

Villar told the L.A Times:

“I haven’t talked to him. He’s neither called me or answered any of my calls. I have no first-hand knowledge of this except that I have heard rumors that he’s considering it…. I can just tell you this: We’ve been friends and allies, and I certainly have not had any conversations with him.”

He hasn't answered any of your calls, eh? Not even Kevin De León wants anything to do with Villar.

There's an ideological war happening in California. Like we said, God help us if Kevin De León becomes Governor.

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