LaVar Ball backs brand after criticism on remarks to female reporter

LaVar Ball has been thrust in the spotlight again for his comments towards female Fox Sports reporter, Kristine Leahy, on a broadcast of ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd.’

The topic that sparked the disagreement and tense confrontation between Leahy and Ball was his Big Baller Brand shoes.

Leahy brought up marketing his brand towards women which he didn’t find probable.

“Yeah, if you have a woman’s company…We’re talking about Big Baller Brand,” Ball said.

After a few minutes of each defending their argument, Ball said, “I never disrespect women. But I’ll tell you what, if you act like that, guess what? Something’s coming to you, and it’s OK.”

Later on Fox Sports,’ ‘Speak for Yourself,’ Leahy made an appearance on the show to give her response to the argument.

Leahy said, “So he was upset at me for what I said there, and that’s completely fine. But you can’t come at me and disrespect me and not look me in the eye and threaten me. That’s just not OK.”

Although LaVar is facing various media attention and criticism for what was said, he still holds his company in high esteem and regard.

Ball said that if any other shoe company like Adidas or Nike wanted to ‘make a deal’ with his brand, he has upped the asking price to $3 billion. Originally, Ball had the asking price at only $1 billion.

LaVar Ball said, “Now that Lonzo’s headed to Los Angeles, what they should have done is give me a billion dollars and let me be on my way.”

Currently, the brand has sold almost 500 pairs of ZO2 shoes and at $450 each.

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