Harvard study reveals huge anti-Trump media bias

The majority of major media outlets hate Trump. They scoffed at the idea of him becoming President. And now that he is President, it's nothing but trying to figure out how to bring him down.

It's nothing but pearl-clutching!

A big new study from Harvard University shows the true extent of the mainstream anti-Trump media bias. Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy looked at coverage from Trump's first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets.

When analyzing the tone of the reports, they found that as many as 98% of them were negative, and significantly more hostile than the first 100 days of the last three presidents.

The study was based around 7 U.S. outlets:

  • CNN
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • Fox News
  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Wall Street Journal

And 3 European outlets:

  • BBC
  • England's Financial Times
  • Germany's public broadcaster ARD

 The study also divided news items across topics. On topics such as immigration, healthcare, and Russia, the reports were more than 85% negative.

On the economy however, it was more balanced with 54% negative and 46% positive.

Read more about the study at Heat Street, and click here to see the original study.

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