Annual Strawberry Festival Raising Money for College Scholarships

Strawberry Fields Forever may be a thing after all thanks to the California Strawberry Festival being held in Oxnard this weekend. Festival goers have the chance to enjoy strawberries in just about every way imaginable. Music, arts, crafts, and cooking demonstrations will also be part of the good time. 

But, people won't just get the chance to enjoy your favorite fruit, they'll also have the chance to give back. 

Festival spokeswoman Lisa Carey says 100-percent of sales of food goes to the nonprofit running the booth.

"A lot of the funding went away for sports programs, and music, and arts. So this allows them to keep funding those to make it possible for schools."

The two-day festival has helped non-profits raise nearly $5 million over its 34-year-history. The festival also provides college scholarships to students - including those kids of parents who work in the strawberry fields. 

Tickets run $12 for those aged 12 and 61. It's $8 for seniors and just $5 for those between ages 5 and 12. You can get more information at

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