Zen and the art of mixing color into silicone

Traffic on the 405. Work. Your kids. Donald Trump. 

Just about everything these days causes you stress. That's why we decided to post this little 90 second video that's just about guaranteed to restore your zen.

Now, watching the color being mixed into a roll of silicone may not sound like the most compelling thing, but, the quiet hum of the machinery and the simple back and forth of the silicone makes for an incredibly peaceful way to reset your mind. 

Then again, there may be some people who watch this video just to see if the guy gets his fingers caught, which, what the heck?!? But, to the disappointment of many I'm sure, but there's a safety circuit prevents something like that from happening. 

When a conductive object (that is, something like human flesh) make contact with the cylinders, the drive system disengages, stopping the rotation. The cylinders are released and can be manually moved by the operator or rescuers, depending on how bad it is. 

The reason they mix the color into silicone like this is because thermoset materials form bonds that become tougher when curing.

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