"LAX on the MOVE" wrapping up Terminal relocation plan

"LAX on the Move" is coming to an end as five more airlines complete their moves to new gates at Los Angeles International Airport today. The largest airport shakeup of its kind in U.S. aviation history has seen 15 airlines shuffle terminals as part a $1.9 billion renovation project for Terminals 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal over the next seven years.

When the dust settles, 15 airlines will have relocated to new terminals. The final moves planned for today include: 

  • Delta Air Lines completing its relocation to Terminals 2 and 3
  • Air Canada moving from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6
  • JetBlue moving from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5
  • Hawaiian Airlines moving from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5 
  • Southwest moving its international flights to the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Passengers will now check in at Terminal 1 and will be bused to the TBIT. 

Passengers are being urged to check with their airline to make sure they have the latest information on the location of their aircraft. 

Therapy dogs helping relieve stress of the LAX Shuffle  - Thumbnail Image

Therapy dogs helping relieve stress of the LAX Shuffle

"Passengers are strongly encouraged to check in, print or download  boarding passes before leaving for LAX, so they can be aware of the changes and  arrive at the correct terminal for their departure,'' according to LAX.

Passengers should also allow for extra time when arriving for flights. LAX is recommending that travelers should arrive at LAX at least three hours ahead of time for domestic flights, and four hours for international flights. 

``When arriving at LAX, look up at new signage that will be updated  nightly to reflect the moves, and which will identify the new airline terminal  locations."

"Finally, passengers are reminded to ask for help if they have problems  finding their flights. More than 200 volunteers are on hand, many of them in  green vests that match a green-wrapped shuttle bus that will run on both the  upper-and lower-level roadways to help transport passengers to their correct  terminal.''

Officials with LAX say anyone looking for more information on the terminal relocation should visit the LAX website at http://www.laxishappening.com/laxonthemove.aspx

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