Terminal Changes at LAX

"LAX on the MOVE" got through the weekend without any flights delayed or cancelled. Airlines have beeing moving their check-in counters, baggage facilities, ramp gear and passenger gates in what is being billed as one of the biggest airline terminal relocations in US Aviation history. 

The move began on Friday night as eight different airlines shuffled to different terminals overnight on Saturday. Some flights from New York and New Jersey were delayed because of weather, but the move did not affect any flights. By the time all the dust settles, 15 airlines will have relocated. 

Delta continues through its three-night transition from Terminals 5 and 6 to Terminals 2 and 3. Delta is scheduled to wrap up their move to Terminals 2 and 3 on the north side of the airport this week.

Volunteers are on hand to assist travelers find the correct terminal. The shuttle buses wrapped in green are running on the upper departure level and lower arrivals level until midnight to help get those who are at the incorrect terminals. According to Los Angeles World Airporst spokesman Charles H. Pannuzio, the new airline locations have alsao been updated on the overhead signs. 

"Months of planning are beginning to pay off as our airline partners  begin transitioning into their new terminals,'' said Trevor Daly, LAWA deputy  executive officer for external affairs. 

"We thank our guests for their  patience and understanding, and our airline partners and volunteers for their  professionalism and dedication.``Our Guest Experience Team is ready to help any and all passengers find  their way throughout LAX in the coming days,'' Daly said.

So far, the airlines that have moved to new locations include Allegiant and Frontier which have both been moved from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5; Boutique Air, which moved from Terminal 3 to Terminal 6. Virgin Australia is checking in passengers at Terminal 2, but is still staging aircraft at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. 

Customers are advised to check with their airlines if they have any questions. 

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