Extreme Summer Camp: Pali Adventures

Pali Adventures is one of the most unique camp experiences ever!

Instead of sitting by the campfire, telling stories and hiking kids can now experience rock star academies, girl empowerment workshops and can choose from 50+ activities like yoga, ziplining, EuroBungee, culinary arts and more.

Pali was founded by entrepreneur Andy Wexler and their very first Pali Camp was a summer day camp in 1990. 

Wexler's goal was to provide a safe environment for kids to try new and exciting things.

As the camp grew in success, they were able to expand nine years later and shaped into the amazing camp experience it is now.

If you want to learn more about the camp, and register your kids for an awesome summer experience, check out their website HERE

Jennifer also sat down with camp director Daniel Hammond this morning and the two discussed what makes Pali so special and Bill Handel chimes in with his family's love of the week long adventure.

Listen below!

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