Hug Your Loved One From Anywhere in the World with Parihug!

These days you can send anything over the internet, from food to clothes but now with a cuddly new invention you can now send hugs with Parihug!

Pari is a stuffed animal that can:

  • Let parents hug their children while they are away on business 
  • Keep the distance for couples in long distance relationships a little bit smaller
  • Help grandparents who live across the country connect with their grand-kids. 

Parihug creator Xyla Foxlin uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to keep loved ones connected.

“Each Pari comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so an adult with a smartphone can use it with [a smartphone] app, but a child without a smartphone can stay connected to their home Wi-Fi. The haptic responses use a single vibration motor embedded in the electronics pack, and the sensor system is patent-pending, but based on a barometric pressure sensor. This means we are processing a range of values, so the haptic hug response is actually equivalent to how much its pair is being hugged.”

Foxlin originally created Pari as an experiment during a time when she was dating a guy who lived over a thousand miles away.

After entering it in a hackathon concept, she ended up receiving a $1,000 grant to try turning it into a company.

She then further developed the idea and eventually created Pari, a gender-less semi-aardvark looking animal with a large snout that rests on your shoulder as you hug it. 

If you'd like to get your own Pari to share the love with someone you love, check out their Kickstarter HERE.

And if you want to hear more from Foxlin herself, she sat down with Jennifer this morning on Wake Up Call.

Listen below!

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