Lancaster Man Arrested for Involvement in Brawl Aboard Southwest Flight

Video posted to Twitter of a fistfight aboard a Southwest flight in Burbank has resulted in the arrest of Chaz Cable, a 37-year-old Lancaster man involved in the brawl for misdemeanor battery. 

Footage of two men engaging in an all out brawl was captured by another passenger while as the plane was taxiing to a terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport (formally known as Bob Hope Airport). As the two passengers struggle, a woman can be heard yelling at the pair, asking them, "What is wrong with you? Get off!" 

The video ends after two other passengers manage to pull the two men apart. 

According to a statement released by Southwest, flight 2530 was on its way to Oakland from Dallas when it stopped in Burbank for a layover. Three people were involved in the fight according to the statement from the airline. 

“We’re grateful to our employees who quickly reacted to break up a fight involving three customers. One customer had minor injuries, but was able to travel onward. We have no other reports of injuries," the statement said. 

There was no word on what started the brawl or who the other two people involved were. 

Cable is currently being held in lieu of $50,000 bail. 

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