A project to revitalize the Redondo Beach Pier area is headed to the California Coastal Commission

A beachfront revitalization project at the Redondo Beach Pier is heading for the California Coastal Commission this week just months after Redondo Beach voters passed a ballot measure that would halt the $400 million project. 

The overhaul of the harbor and pier was approved by the Redondo Beach city council last year. The project, proposed by CenterCal, drew up plans that called for a new boardwalk area, with shops, restaurants, a 120-room hotel, a movie theater and more. 

Part of the plan is to redo the parking structure that has some major problems of its own. Chunks of concrete are missing, beams are rusting, and rebar is exposed. Jonah Dumont, the regional manager of Barney's Beanery, says the parking structure is just really run down. 

"It looks dangerous," he told Jo Kwon.

The city council approved the CenterCal project last August, but voters had other ideas. They passed Measure C, blocking the project. 

"It passed in every precinct in the city, to downzone the area," Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand said. "Nobody's really happy."

The group against the CenterCal project say they just want the city to fix what they have and don't overdevelop. The group believes that the city shouldn't be building on park space. They also say the project will double traffic and block views. 

"Revitalize, not supersize," is the group's slogan. 

But some businesses disagree and say the pier needs the improvements now. 

"It's diplapitated, it's outdated, it's in a position that's really worrisome." 

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