Wife Poses For Photo, Doesn’t Hear Husband Yell Until It’s Too Late

In the quest for the perfect 'gram, people will put themselves in all sorts of awkward situations hoping they will come away with the perfect photo. 

Rosangela de Silva thought she found the perfect dramatic photo, posing on a beautiful rock with a picturesque scene of the ocean behind her. Everything seemed perfect - between her white dress, and her blonde hair blowing in the wind, the whole thing seemed destined for Instagram virality. 

“On a beach day, I decided to take a photograph on a rock that I found gorgeous,” she wrote. “I was not aware my husband was making a video. While I was posing, he started to scream about the wave, and it really took me by surprise.”

And while Rosangela was finished arranging herself on the rock getting ready for the perfect photo, the ocean had other ideas. As seen in the video, Rosangela's husband begins shouting a warning from behind the camera. That's when a giant wave engulfs Rosangela, washing away her picture-perfect moment. 

The good news is that Rosangela and her husband weren't hurt (unless you count the bruised ego). And while the memory of her trip to that beach will indeed live forever, it's probably not the one she wanted. 

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