Joel Kotkin: 'The news media are losing their search for truth'

The election of Donald Trump showed us how grossly biased news coverage is. And whenever Trump criticizes outlets like CNN or the New York Times, people gasp and clutch their pearls!

We understand the importance of free press, but it's clear that the news business these days is incredibly partisan and privileged.

Joel Kotkin has a great piece in the OC Register called "The news media are losing their search for truth." Check it out:

"To someone who has spent most of his career in the news business, it’s distressing to confront the current state of the media. Rather than a source of information and varied opinion, the media increasingly act not so such as disseminators of information but as a privileged and separate caste, determined to shape opinion to a certain set of conclusions.

When you pick up a great newspaper like the New York Times, it is sometimes shocking how openly partisan the coverage tends to be..."

Continue reading at the OC Register.

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