A museum full of death has opened in Hollywood

A museum filled with death has recently opened in Hollywood just across the street from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (the location is a coincidence). 

"We try to keep it light," Scott Michaels says with a chuckle. 

Michaels' hobby of collecting dark memorabilia from the dead began when he grew up in Detroit as a kid. He says he was around death a lot and was desensitized to it when he was younger. 

"It snowballed into my museum," Michaels says.

Among some of the exhibits you can see with Dearly Departed Tours include Mae West's dentures, a photo of the bed Rock Hudson died in (and yep, the actual bedpost), and even the car Jayne Mansfield was killed in and more than one creepy doll. 

The museum also offers bus tours where people can see where celebrities died. But, it's not all doom and gloom. The tour will also take you through famous Hollywood hotspots such as film locations like where Pretty Woman was filmed.

Tour tickets start at $50, and museum visits are only $8 if you just want to take a look at what Michaels has to offer. A portion of the sales is donated to the Justice for Victims of Homicide non-profit. 

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