SoCal robber turns out to be fitness model

Yesterday a man was arrested on suspicion of robbery, but that's not why his story is making the rounds.

It turns out he's a fitness model from Solana Beach. He's probably got a good life, so why is he out stealing stuff?

David Byers took cops on a wild car-and-foot chase in San Diego yesterday, after he allegedly robbed the same Riverside Chase bank twice and one Cos Cob Citco gas station in Connecticut.

He also managed to evade police in New York, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

Byers has a girlfriend in the New York area and a daughter in Southern California. His arrest came as a shock to the people who work with him.

Photographer Michael Stokes said:

“I know he’s an unusual guy, but bank robbery doesn’t seem like his thing. He’s always been so decent and respectful with me.”

Appearances can be deceiving, even model appearances.

Read more at Yahoo! News.

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