'Spokane Spanker' faces serious sex assault charges

The man accused of slapping women's backsides along a popular hiking trial in Spokane, Washington is facing charges that carry serious penalties.

28-year-old Jonathan Smith, a.k.a 'The Spokane Spanker,' is charged with 11 counts of 4th degree assault with sexual motivation. He pleaded not guilty when he showed up to court on Friday.

He was arrested on April 20, a day after he turned himself in to KHQ's television station. He identified himself as the spanker and apologized to his victims.

In court documents released on Friday, Smith noted that he was sexually aroused before, during, and after the attacks.

He also said that he watches porn, has been a sex addict since childhood, and has slapped 30 to 50 women.

What this guy did was not a prank. He's disgusting. People like him need to be locked up.

Read more at KXLY.

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