Massive May Day Rally Planned For Los Angeles

More than 120 groups representing a wide range of issues will participate in a massive May Day Rally set to happen in downtown Los Angeles later today. 

Immigrant, women, labor unions, and LGBTQ advocates say they're taking to the streets of L.A. with what they say is a message for President Trump. Organizers expect around 100,000 people to show up at the event which will begin with an 11 a.m. rally at MacArthur Park and will be followed by a march to City Hall. 

Previous May Day events have seen huge crowds flood the downtown area. In 2006, nearly 500,000 people showed up for the May Day march. Organizers believe that this year will be far larger. Today's march in downtown L.A. is one of dozens scheduled to occur in cities across the country. 

Additional rail service will be offered in anticipation for the thousands of people heading for downtown. Metro will boost the rush-hour frequency of their Red Line subway trains with service every six minutes. Extra staff and security will be on hand at stations. Officials recommend those taking public transit to expect delays as potential detours and delays will occur during the march. 

Labor groups have long used May Day as a day of protest historically, but in recent years, immigration advocates have adopted its message of fair treatment. 

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