Producer Michelle Podcast 33: What Does This Say About Handel?

A producer's job at KFI spans many, many tasks outside traditional producing, (i.e. finding, researching and developing topics). I could go through all of them, but it would take forever....One of those tasks is 'prepping' the studio for your host. Every host likes different things. 

So, when I come in every morning, I set up the computer for him, put the chair he likes to sit in in its place, put his copy where it needs to be and move the phone lines, computer monitors and copy stands to where he likes them and look for anything to clean up from the previous host, although I have to say, Conway's crew leaves the studio nice for us.In addition to that, it's our job to make sure at the end of the show that the studio is in a good condition for the next host. For years, Handel has had a habit that I've been unable to break him of, and I can't figure out where he gets the thing he uses for this habit.....paper clips.

I've tried checking the desk before the show to find them so I can put them away, I've hid the ones I use from him, so he must be finding them somewhere and bringing them into the studio!But nothing works, because every day,  when the show is over, I find this on the floor by his feet.  

Is it paperclip crop circles? Paperclip origami?  Or is it a paperclip Rorschach test set in place to drive me crazy every day.

And the worst part is, these paperclips never get a chance to lead the lives they were supposed to.

RIP Paperclips. 

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