Napping Classes are the Newest Workout Trend

A gym in the UK is offering napping classes to "reinvigorate the mind, improve moods, and even burn the odd calorie."

David Lloyd Clubs' Napercise classes are an hour long, including 45 minutes of napping and 15 minutes of light stretching.

The gyms provide all the napping essentials including beds, blankets and eye masks. 

While it may seem like a silly idea to just get people in the building but there is actual science to prove the benefits of napping.

A college in Pennsylvania conducted a study that looked at a group of people who took a 45-minute nap in the middle of their day.

The results showed that they were well-rested and were better able to handle stress!

While the classes are only available in the UK at the moment, take a load off and sleep away your stressful day.

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