Sign the Petition to Prevent Caregivers From Hiding Previous Criminal Abuse Charges

Kim Oakley has a mission. She wants to prevent caregivers who have previously been arrested or charged with abuse be forced to reveal their criminal history instead of it being hidden by the courts. 

Oakley's story began after her son (who is a non-verbal adult child with autism) was abused by his caregiver. The nurse was caught on video repeatedly jamming his thumb into her son's eyes, as well as bending his arm over the bed board, and yanking and slamming the autistic charge with the mind of a three-year-old to the floor. 

The caregiver was arrested, and convicted of 3 felonies under California law. However, once the caregiver is through with his probation, he can have his record "expunged" or "sealed" - meaning a convicted felon would hide his abuse conviction from future employers and work as a regular caregiver once again. 

Oakley doesn't think that's right, and she's created a petition aimed at changing the law that protects people like this. Once it reaches 500 signatures, it will be delivered to State representatives Rocky Chavez, and Marie Waldron. 

Check out and sign the petition here!

Read how Kim wants to change the law below:

CA. Penal Code 368 needs to be ADDED to list of crimes ineligible for expungement under Ca. Penal Code 1203.4.

 CA PENAL CODE 368: Crimes Against Elders, Dependent Adults, and Persons with Disabilities [368 - 368.5]

(a) The Legislature finds and declares that crimes against elders and dependent adults are deserving of SPECIAL CONSIDERATION and PROTECTION, not unlike the special protections provided for MINOR children, because elders and dependent adults may be confused, on various medications, mentally or physically impaired, or incompetent, and therefore LESS ABLE to protect themselves, to understand or report criminal conduct, or to testify in court proceedings on their own behalf.

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