Student Brings Homemade Flamethrower to School

From the radioactive Boy Scout to this flamethrowing high school student, this is one of those stories that makes you wonder just how dumb and/or brilliant kids can get. 

An Otay Ranch High School student is in hot water after he brought a homemade flamethrower to school. The student brought in the flamethrower to show off to his friends - who then ended up reporting him to teachers. 

Police were called to the school, but they say the flamethrower didn't work, and no other weapons were found. Lt. Fritz Reber with the Chula Vista Police Department told 10News that there was "no indication of any threats of violence."

Reports say the 17-year-old has been suspended from school, but has not been arrested. 

And, apparently it's far easier than it should be to make a flamethrower at home. A simple Google search (done completely in the spirit of researching this story) turns up multiple tutorials on YouTube on how to create your own. So, if you're feeling that DIY spirit and need to lay waste to a World War 1 battalion (or finally get rid of that spider's nest) your weekend plans await you online. 

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