Hottest Act at Coachella? The Lost and Found

As the second (and final) weekend of Coachella wraps up, many concert goers found themselves needing to catch one last act - the lost and found. 

No, that's not some cool new indie band you've never heard of. It's the literal lost and found. Officials say several hundred items are waiting for their rightful owners to come claim them. By the end of the first weekend, festival organizers say they collected 41 pairs of keys, 22 cellphones and 101 wallets. On Sunday evening, there were another 178 items found on the festival grounds most of which were cellphones. 

Any items that are not claimed within two weeks will be donated to local non-profits. 

If you attended the festival and found yourself lacking some items that you arrived with, you can check out Coachella's Lost and Found page that can possibly help reconnect you with your lost items. 

The annual festival in Indio attracted up to 125,000 people to the polo grounds with big acts like Lady Gaga, rapper Kendrick Lamar and film composer Hans Zimmer. 

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