Does Parents' Prank On Kids Go Too Far?

Mike and Heather Martin run a YouTube channel called DaddyOFive in which they post videos of the pranks they pull on their children.

Recently, they have come under fire for the video they posted on April 12, where they pour invisible ink on their kid's carpet and then confront the child about it.  

When they confront him, they yell and scream profanities at him.  The boy insists that he did nothing and begins to cry, all while continuing to face a barrage of verbal assaults from both of his parents.

Now, this video is not out of the ordinary for the family's channel.  They have posted videos that show the kids being pushed into book cases, having guns pointed at them, being assaulted by their siblings, among other violent acts.

Apparently some people enjoy the videos, as the channel has over 700,000 subscribers.  However, following the negative backlash they have received lately, the parents have pulled all of the videos from their page.

This has to be abuse, right?  There's no way this is a healthy environment for those children, right?

What do you think?

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