Pup Mistakes Vape Pen For Chew Toy

Dogs are insanely entertaining, even when they're not trying to be.

Sarah Blocki, and her boyfriend were relaxing at home on Easter weekend, having a wonderful time, when they were suddenly treated to a spectacular light show!

It turns out that their pup, Piper, happened upon a vape pen, and figured, 'Hey, that looks just like one of my chew toys!'

So Piper grabbed it, went over to her bed and like all dogs, set to chewin'!

It exploded.....And it was all caught on camera.

Check it out.

Sarah Blocki told Fox 10 in Phoenix:

"It shot up and our ceilings are vaulted, and that's pretty high...it hit the ceiling...there are burn marks up there, it's crazy! We were super thankful that our house didn't go up in flames." 

Sarah says, the most important thing is that Piper is fine.

"Thank God Piper was okay, I can't believe that she didn't get hurt at all."

Sarah says the video should be a good reminder to anyone who has a pet and a vape pen...the two do NOT mix!

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