Iceberg alley is having a busy season this year

Canada’s Iceberg alley is living up to its reputation this spring as a massive iceberg has landed right off the shore.

People are flooding the small town of Ferryland for a chance to see the frozen giant.

The Canadian Ice Service classified it as “large,” which means it has a height of 151-240 feet and is between 401 and 670 feet long.

Photographer Jody Martin braved the crowds on Easter Sunday to see the iceberg.“It was a beautiful day and a lot of happy faces,” she said. “Everyone seems to enjoy the beauty of the huge iceberg.”

CNN Meteorologist, Brandon Miller, said it’s rare to have an iceberg this large so close to the shore.

This spring has been a particularly busy iceberg season.

There is usually an average of 212 icebergs during this season but this year the International Ice Patrol said 648 icebergs have been seen in the trans-Atlantic shipping lanes as of this week.

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