Laura Begley Bloom made $11,000 by giving up her family's seats on an overbooked flight

Getting kicked off of an overbooked flight might not be so bad, it could land you some big money.

Laura Begley Bloom said she was able to snag $11,000 by volunteering to give up her family's tickets on an overbooked flight from New York City to Florida last week:

“This weekend, my family and I profited from Delta’s travel woes — big time. We made $11k."

She detailed her story in the New York Post:

"The saga unfolded at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after “epic” storm delays prompted Delta Airlines to offer money for volunteers to give up their tickets, with a whopping 60 standby passengers hoping to get a seat.

When the airline offered $900 a ticket in gift cards, Bloom’s husband convinced her to at least consider the offer. She thought a gift card incentive was too low to delay their visit to relatives in Florida, but was open to the idea of negotiating — which they did, for $1,350 cash per ticket, for herself, husband and daughter..."

Continue reading at the New York Post, and check out our interview with Laura:

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