Man Who Cried Deer Was Telling The Truth

It took a surveillance video to prove to the friends of 25-year-old Cary McCook that he really was run down by a deer.

McCook was walking into a British Columbian hotel when he was jumped by the animal.

"I still can't believe I got hit by a deer," McCook told the Revelstoke Review. "I heard three gallops and I turned to my left and before I could make out what it was, I see a deer coming towards me and it hits me and I'm on the ground."

When he told his friends on April Fools’ Day, they thought he was kidding. It took digging up the video of the incident to show that he wasn’t lying.

McCook said, "I was able to get security footage because no one believed me because it was April Fools.”

No word from the deer on his side of the story.

Read more at the Revelstoke Review (link to

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