Woman Takes a Selfie and Nearly Dies to Get It

A woman nearly died after she fell 60 feet off of California's highest bridge while taking a selfie.

The unidentified woman and a group of friends were walking on the catwalk of the bottom of the Foresthill Bridge when she stopped to try to take a selfie.

The bridge is 730 feet tall and is about 50 miles away from Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Paul Goncharuk, one of her friends who was there and witnessed the fall recounted what happened as she tried to snap the picture.

"The big bolts that are holding the beams together, she stepped on them kind of weirdly and lost balance and fell backwards."

Police say the underside of the bridge is a popular spot for people wanting to make social media posts, but it's extremely dangerous because of accidents like this.

The woman in this case was apparently knocked unconscious, has a deep gash on her arm and several fractured bones that will require her to have surgery.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office says anyone who is caught on the closed under way of the bridge will be arrested for trespassing.

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