Transportation tax hike: How much would your costs increase?

Today might be the day legislators in Sacramento vote to raise our gas and car taxes. Jerry Brown has been holding tax rallies all week, trying to get people excited about paying more money to a corrupt government.

For years, Sacramento has wasted money that was supposed to go to roads. Now that Jerry Brown's caught without any money, he's out screaming that the state will fall apart unless we pay him.

Sacramento is mugging us. 

There's still a chance this thing might not pass, as there are some democrats who aren't sure they want to go along with a tax hike.

Hopefully it's because they know it's wrong, not because they want something from Brown.

If the tax does go through it's going to screw middle class commuters. Jerry Brown shrugs it off as just a little bit of money, barely noticeable.

But that little bit of money can make a huge difference for a lot of people in this state! So, how much will your costs increase if the tax passes?

The SacBee has a calculator to figure that out.  Click here, scroll to the bottom of the article, and you'll find the calculator.

You should also check out this great interview below with Roger Dickinson, Executive Director of Transportation California. This dweeb actually thinks the tax raise is a good thing:

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