This 5-year-old's dream party was Costco themed

This quirky five-year-old got the birthday party of her dreams when her mom finally agreed to throw her a Costco-themed party. 

Kimber Walker's family went all out and had the guests go through a "store" where they could partake in free samples and they could purchase snacks using their 'Kimber bucks'. Guests were also told to create their own membership card to use at check-out. 

Kimber said a lot of people like the cake that had the Costco logo on it and it thanked her for her 'five years of service'. The local store also got in on the fun by making Kimber a custom name badge with the job title: Birthday Girl. 

For her next birthday Kimber wants to have a Walmart themed party but her mom said that after all the attention this one got for being over the top, they will probably scale it back next year. 

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