"One word says it all. Asian" - Airbnb host cancels reservation with racist tirade

A Riverside woman says her AirBNB in Big Bear was cancelled only a few minutes before she arrived because of her race. 

Law student Dyne Suh had reserved a cabin for Presidents Day weekend so her friends, Fiance and dogs could have a nice winter getaway. 

Instead, just as she was arriving to the cabin, Suh says she texted the host, looking to confirm her reservation. That's when the host denied agreeing to the additional guests and went into a racist tirade. 

"I wouldn't rent it to u if u were the last person on earth," according to screenshots provided by Suh. "One word says it all. Asian." 

Dyne was stunned at the message, and instantly texted back to the host that she would be reporting the host to AirBNB for the racist comments. 

"Go ahead..." the host replied. "It's why we have Trump...I will not allow this country to be told what to do by foreigners." 

That's when the host cancelled Suh's reservation. 

AirBNB has struggled recently with press about hosts refusing to rent to minorities. Last September, in a response to the the accusations, AirBNB unveiled new anti-discrimination policies aimed at reducing or eliminating discriminatory behavior by its network of hosts. There have been a number of complaints - many of them by black men and women who can be identified as black in their avatars - who say they've been turned away with little to no cause. 

For her part, Suh says she was devastated to have been treated like this by her AirBNB host. 

"People thought, oh, with the election of President Obama, racism is over in this country. No, it's very much alive. It exists. It can happen to anyone. There's no balance to racism. No matter what class you are. No matter what your education level. No matter if you're an American Citizen. What they see is that I'm Asian. What they see is my race. And this is how we get treated."

For its part, AirBNB has posted a new warning for those who are looking to book travel with hosts. 

"I agree to treat everyone in the Airbnb community - regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age - with respect, and without judgement or bias. 

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