San Clemente Daredevil Gets Seriously Hurt

So...remember that guy who jumped the 60 freeway in Riverside last month?

Well the daredevil tried to do another daring stunt.

However, this time instead of getting a killer Instagram video, Kyle Katsandris landed himself in the hospital.

While riding his bike in Simi Valley Katsandris tried to jump over a large expanse of railroad tracks.

Simi Police sergeant Travis Coffey says he seemed to overshoot his landing and crashed.

Katsandris was apparently trying to emulate professional dirt bike rider Colin Morrison who landed that exact jump years ago.

After hearing about Katsandris' injuries, Morrison posted on Facebook that he respected his attempt.

"Just thinking about going for it I give him respect, and truly hope he has a speedy recovery. Going big on dirt bikes is no joke & still have nightmares of all the things that could have happened back in the day."

Details about his medical conditions haven't been released yet, but the police say no charges have been brought against him and the investigation on his Riverside jump has been closed. 

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