Gross L.A. Times Op-Ed says Kevin De León 'should run for governor'

Yesterday the state senate passed Kevin De León's evil SB 54, bringing California one step closer to becoming a 'Sanctuary State.'

Kevin De León consistently sticks up for violent criminals. He thinks it's okay to steal legal citizens' identities. He's done nothing but harm the taxpaying residents of this state.

But right now California is all about fighting Trump, fighting the fear!

Kevin De León thinks he's this noble figure, but he's the exact opposite of noble. We're going to feel the repercussions of his dangerous legislation for a long time.

If you really want to read something twisted, you should read the Op-Ed in the L.A. Times from writer Harold Meyerson called "Kevin de León personifies the Trump resistance. He should run for governor."

Meyerson actually believes what De León's doing is good:

"No one has worked harder than De León to turn California into a sanctuary state. Nor is this a new cause for him. In 2013, he authored the Trust Act, which restricted local police departments’ ability to turn undocumented immigrants over to federal immigration officers. (They can only do so in the case of serious, violent offenses.) Last summer, De León saw to it that the state budget increased funding for legal services to the undocumented. This year, he’s authored a Trump-era follow up, Senate Bill 54, which would further limit police cooperation with the feds. He’s also sponsored town halls and tutorials bringing together local police, attorneys, and immigrants in the country illegally, to inform those immigrants of their rights and to bolster those police departments’ commitment to treat them as they would anyone else..."

Can you believe this Meyerson guy?! He admits the De León is all about defying federal law, and he acts like that's a thing to be celebrated!

Kevin De León would probably be a worse governor than Jerry Brown, if that's even possible.

What's the point of going to work and trying hard in California anymore? The thinking in this state is unbelievable.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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